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The Sewage Sludge Realizes Harmless Disposal In Four Industries Such As Electroplating

In accordance with the "polluter pays, the benefit of pollution-polluting" principle, Changzhou implemented the sewage charging policy, that is, in the levy of wastewater treatment costs 0.2 yuan/ton, included in the budget earmarked for sludge disposal. This year, Changzhou city has passed the urban water price adjustment programme, where sewage treatment costs from the original 1.15 yuan/ton adjusted to 1.40 yuan/ton, increase 0.25 yuan/ton, further safeguard the implementation of sludge disposal costs. At the same time, the industrial sewage treatment plant is also undertaking the preparation of price adjustment to better safeguard its sludge disposal costs; all villages and towns will levy sewage treatment fee; In accordance with the relevant provisions of the province, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus exceeding sewage charges are levied on all sewage treatment plants, and the sources of environmental protection subsidy are Taxation departments to implement the sludge disposal units, such as tax concessions to reduce sludge disposal costs, reduce the burden of disposal costs. The units that are prominent in the disposal of sludge will be appropriately subsidized in the relevant incentive funds.

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