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The Quality And Mechanical Properties Of Copper Plating Layer Are Directly Influenced By Acid Copper Plating

Copper particles caused by submerged copper process may be caused by any process of settling copper. Alkaline removal of oil in the water hardness high, drilling dust more (especially the double-panel without the glue slag) filter bad, not only will cause rough plate surface, but also caused the hole in rough; but generally only the hole is rough, slight pitting of the surface of the plate can also be removed; micro-erosion mainly has several conditions: the use of micro-etching agent hydrogen peroxide or sulfuric acid quality too poor or ammonium sulfate (sodium) containing too high impurities, the general recommendation should be at least CP level, industrial grade in addition to other quality failures The low copper content of the micro-etching trough is too high or the temperature is lower to cause the slow precipitation of copper sulfate crystals; Most of the activation fluids are caused by contamination or improper maintenance, such as leakage of filtration pumps, trough liquid proportion is low, the copper content is high (the activation cylinder used too long, more than 3 years), this will produce particles in the trough liquid or impurity colloid, adsorption on the plate surface or hole wall, at this time will accompany the hole rough production.

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