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Solving Problems Of Electroplating Wastewater Treatment

Recently, "Beijing Polytechnic University-Jiangmen XPR company ion Exchange Fiber electroplating Wastewater treatment technology and environmental protection equipment Development cooperation project signing ceremony" at Beijing Polytechnic University, the project will be based on the country 863 projects, through the demonstration platform of Jiangmen electroplating plant, the use of ion-exchange fiber electroplating wastewater treatment technology, better to meet the needs of enterprise wastewater treatment and metal recycling. The state Ministry of Industry and Informatization SME division, civil-military integration of the Promotion Division, the national SME International Cooperation Exchange Center related to leadership, municipal committee, propaganda minister Wang Xiao such as the signing ceremony. Ion-Exchange Fiber electroplating Wastewater treatment technology, from China's chemical industry, military field outstanding middle-aged and young experts, Beijing Polytechnic University Professor Feng Changgen led research team to undertake R & D. Relying on the national 863 Industrialization Project, after nearly a decade of research, the project group has obtained a series of products and results of material preparation, related application development and so on, which already possess the basic conditions of deep development and application in electroplating wastewater treatment field. After the signing, the two sides will adopt the model of cooperation and research, through technology transfer, introduction, digestion, absorption, innovation, the formation of specialized technology companies (i.e. Jiangmen xpr Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd.), the realization of technology and product specialization processing and production.

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