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Rolling Technology Of Medium And Thick Plate

Intermediate cooling technology. From the current domestic control rolling process application, the most widely used control rolling is two-stage rolling, which is the rolling of recrystallization zone and no recrystallization zone. It is necessary to avoid partially recrystallization zone during this two phases, and the air cooling to temperature of the coarse rolled out intermediate billet is the measures taken to adapt to this requirement. Intermediate cooling device is in the two rack production line roughing mill and finishing mill between the machine or the single rack mill to increase the cooling device, to reduce the intermediate billet on the roller on the time of temperature, improve the production capacity of the mill. After adopting this device, the temperature of the intermediate billet can shorten the 35%~80% time. The device combines the controlled rolling and cold control of intermediate cooling, and can also be used for the production of ultra-fine grained steel, or sandwich steel, which has a high stop cracking performance because of a certain thickness (4mm) of ultra-fine grained layer. China's Tang Steel, South Steel and set up the intermediate billet cooling equipment, not only improve the production capacity of the rolling mill, but also strengthened the performance of the steel organization control capacity, expanded the range of steel varieties.

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