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Plating Layer Can Provide Effective Protection For Uranium And Uranium Alloys

Ferric chloride etching agent can provide suitable surface roughness and make the coating and substrate forming good mechanical bonding, and more stable. Plating layer can provide effective protection for uranium and uranium alloys, and the key factors influencing the corrosion resistance of coatings to substrates are the compactness and bonding force of the coatings. In water and chloride solution, the dense nickel plating on uranium and uranium alloys showed a certain physical protection, once the pores, the corrosion rate will be increased due to local galvanic corrosion. The zinc plating provides the electrochemical protection of sacrificial anode for uranium and uranium alloys. The Ni+Zn plating of Chromate passivation has shown the best physical protection and sacrificial anode protection for uranium and uranium alloys. Zn-Ni Alloy coatings, although their own corrosion resistance is very good, can provide the physical barrier and the sacrificial anode of the uranium alloy dual protection role, but there is the coating compactness and passivation problem so that its uranium and uranium alloy protection against the Ni+Zn double plating capacity. With the successful study of electroplating and passivation process of Zn-Ni alloys, Zn-Ni alloys will play their superior anti-corrosion properties and are fully applied in the anti-corrosion of uranium and uranium alloys.

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