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How Far The Electroplating Enterprise Realizes On-line Monitoring Distance From Cleaner Production Road

For the current domestic on-line monitoring of all electroplating enterprises are feasible, the question of this, HC network reporter specially interviewed the China Surface Engineering Association Cleaner Production Steering Committee Deputy Secretary-General, cleaner production training teacher in the National Cleaner Production Center Mr. Fan Jingxing, in the domestic implementation of the feasibility of on-line monitoring of electroplating Enterprises, Mr. Fan Jingxing admitted: On-line monitoring, in two parts, from the reasonable requirements, should be on-line measurement, because only in this way to avoid stealing, leakage, This is a true 24-hour monitoring of the enterprise, this is the most ideal way, but the implementation of some difficulties. On the one hand is mainly the material difficulties, at present our country's own domestic on-line testing equipment accuracy is poor, the price of imports is too high, enterprises if the words have certain difficulties, of course, the size of the larger park can be loaded with the words should be affordable; On the other hand, the content of the so-called on-line monitoring, the scope of this is a question. From now on our country like Shenzhen, just talked about the Chongqing area has been on the electroplating industry on-line testing, their projects like cod, ph value and so on. Other heavy metals, copper and other aspects of this detection did not do, so that on-line monitoring is to see how many projects, of course, on-line monitoring of three words also has great progress.

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