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Disaster Weather And Control Transformer Operation Safety

Every year at home and abroad, many causes of natural disasters caused the interruption of electricity supply. Ice, storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods will overwhelm the fragile power system and collapse. Electricity is the people's life must, in the absence of electricity supply, rescue and disaster relief can not be orderly and normal, even the occurrence of secondary disasters. Power safety has been elevated to unprecedented heights. Under normal circumstances, socioeconomic growth, also let the surge of electricity consumption, control of the operation of transformer safety need to pay attention to the following aspects. Firstly, it is reasonable to locate and control the operation of Transformer and need a good external environment. Damp, low-lying, high temperature, low temperature, saline-alkali soil, strong dust and other places will affect the control of transformer operation. Bad ventilation may also cause a control transformer explosion. Choose the right protection. Relay protection is the most secure and reliable way of protection. Control transformer is an important part of power system. According to the control transformer load and its own value considerations to determine the corresponding protection. On the other hand, we should actively study the new products to face the increasingly harsh natural environment to control the impact of transformers.

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