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Development Trend Of Electroplating Industry In China In The Coming Years

In the near future, the overall demand for electroplating products is expected to remain relatively stable, as soon as possible to reduce the industry's excess capacity, in the industry to restructure. Since the 80, the number of electroplating enterprises in China has grown rapidly, while some electroplating products have gradually been replaced by plastic products and coatings, making the contradiction between increasing production capacity and decreasing market demand become more acute. In the future, the development trend of electroplating industry in China can be summed up in the following four points: 1 the decorative and corrosion resistance of electroplating products will be significantly increased; decorative and high corrosion resistance technology will continue to develop. With the development of automobiles, electronics, household appliances, aviation, aerospace industry, construction industry and the corresponding decoration industry and people to beautify the needs of life. 2 Some traditional decorative plating may be replaced by spraying, physical vapor deposition, etc., the demand of functional electroplating products has an upward trend; 3 may be replaced by clean electroplating industry, some serious pollution plating process, such as cyanide-free electroplating, trivalent chromium plating, cadmium, chromium plating will have an upward trend; 4 some high-tech and non-polluting surface engineering will enter our market, such as Dacromet (Dacrotized) coating, Crow Race (Corrosil) process.

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