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Application Of Stainless Steel In Marine Installations

Various types of stainless steels are being used extensively and successfully in various marine environments. It is necessary to point out that the long-term protection of stainless steel from corrosion in seawater requires complex anti-corrosion engineering technology and substantial investment. Austenitic and martensitic stainless steels have long been used for superheater pipes and turbine blades on the marine power plant. It is not easy to maintain low chloride content in these devices, because the application technology of marine power plant is not different from the basic principle of the general generator. Stainless steel is also being used for large-capacity chemical containers on offshore merchant ships, and its use in some respects differs from that of terrestrial chemical plants. Most stainless steel grades are satisfied with the application of marine conditions, but different grades are sensitive to stress corrosion cracking. In the marine condition, it will rust in a few months, with the 410-type of martensitic steel and 430, which is represented by the type of iron. This uniform rust can be removed by mechanical polishing. The more popular stainless steel is austenitic stainless steel because of its strong rust resistance (but due to stress corrosion cracking). As time moves, austenitic stainless steel will also be black.

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